Sporting Scene

24 Seconds to Shoot

Floyd Wilson, varsity basketball coach, and Bruce Munro, freshman coach, agreed yesterday that colleges would probably not adopt the professional NBA's 24-second rule. "I think it would be difficult to get the colleges to agree on the 24-second rule because to do so they would have to outlaw the zone defense, and I don't think they're ready to do that," said Wilson.

Their conclusions were partly based on watching last Saturday's game between the freshmen and the junior varsity--which the freshmen won in overtime, 64 to 62. The game was played under the 24-second rule and other pro regulations.

The 24-second rule states that a team must shoot within 24 seconds of getting the ball or lose its possession. NBA officials have credited it with increasing attendance this year.

Several players felt that adoption of the rule would be a good idea. Emphasizing that it didn't speed up their game (statistics confirmed that they shot only slightly more quickly than usual), freshmen Tom Bernheim, Bob Montgomery, Dick Woolston and Noel Tyl felt that the rule would improve basketball by eliminating the freeze.