Puritans Outplay Deacon Quintet to Take House Title

A sharpshooting Winthrop quintet defeated an erratic Kirkland five, 59-44, to win the House "A" League basketball championship last ninth. Prior to this final game of the season, the two teams were tied for the league lead.

Although the game was close until the final two minutes, the Puritans were never behind. Each time Kirkland threatened to take the lead, Winthrop scored two or three timely baskets to pull away.

Winthrop took a 21 to 11 lead with only two minutes to play in the first half. However, seven quick points by the Deacons narrowed the margin to three points as the half ended.

In the opening minutes of the second half, Winthrop took an eight point lead. Again, Kirkland slowly whittled it down to 42-41 with four minutes of game time remaining.

The Deacons then fell apart, missing several layups and throwing the ball away on three fast breaks. Scoring ten points in the final 90 seconds, Winthrop won going away.

Dave Bodiker was the game's leading scorer with 16 points, and teammate Bob German backed him up with 11 points.