The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Re: the Advertisement in Saturday's CRIMSON taken by the Young Nihilist Club. We feel it our duty to inform you the parent organization must of necessity deplore such vulgar popularization. Such tactics tend toward placing world nihilism in an unfavorable light.

The basic non-tenet of the world organization is to rid the world of the unfavorable association nihilism has received through various political actions in the 1870's. We are firmly dedicated to the non-belief that if any philosophy has the opportunity of becoming the belief of the 20th century, it is nihilism.

We trust that you, as all right thinkers, are in accord with out actively negative program.

Yours until the looked-for day when we will have truly achieved "nothing, nothing, nothing--nothing at all." Rudolph Schnaubelt,   non-president,   World Nihilist Organization.