HYRC Board Defeats Motion to Investigate Recent Club Election

Student action to force the Young Republican Club to investigate charges of unfair campaigning in the organization's recent election appears to have failed, after the HYRC planning board yesterday turned down a move for a probe, 6 to 1.

Last week several members had asked the club to establish an impartial committee to investigate the allegations. If the club did not set up such a committee, they said, they would favor consulting with Dean Watson about the possibilities of an official investigation.

What these students will do now that the club has refused to deal with these charges has not yet been made public.

Gordon P. Bugbee '56, club secretary, who voted for the investigation, last night refused to comment on the committee's action.

The former vice-president of the club, John C. Eldridge '55, said last night, "I hoped that the planning committee would do something about these charges. Their refusal to take them up," he continued, "has harmed the club."

One of the chief contentions was that 40 students had voted in the election after being admitted without membership cards.