Yale Defeats Fencing Team, 17-10 As Varsity Loses in Sabre Bouts

Yale's superiority in sabre events game the Blue a one-sided 17-10 victory over the varsity fencing team Saturday in the I.A.B.

The Elis took seven out of nine sabre bouts, as the Crimson's season-long weakness enabled Yale to gain half the points necessary to win.

Two losses in the first series of matches in epee discouraged the varsity fencers and contributed heavily to their defeat. When the Crimson and Yale met in the Tetragonal Meet held in Feb., the Blue looked weak in this event. On Saturday, however, the Elis won five bouts to complete their sweep in all divisions.

In foil bouts, Captain Kris keggi, Tetragonal Meet foil champion, accounted for three out of five Eli wine. Jim Harrison took two out of three for the Crimson.

Freshmen Also Lese

The freshman team, competing at the same time as the varsity, lost 14-13 to the Yale cubs. The Yardlings won six epee events, but dropped six in the foil and fives out of nine in the sabre.