Children's Theatre Players May Forfeit Use of Agassiz

Radcliffe officials will probably threw the University Children's Theatre out of Agassiz today. Dean of Residence Emily B. Lacey '49 has called an immediate meeting with the board of directors of the group, two of whose members plus the show directors for "Alice in Wonderland" earned $312 apiece from the production.

Three of the money-making performances of the show were given in Agassiz Theatre, where rehearsals are now going on for the group's next production, "Cinderella." In additions, Children's Theatre gave two "actors' benefit" performances of "Alice" in Agassiz, which netted 26 members of the company $3.25 each.

"I don't understand why students can't be allowed to make money doing something creative in a University building instead of packaging potatoes in the Stop and Shop," said Beverely Butte '58, a director of the Children's Theatre.

The group agreed two days ago to pay admissions and income taxes on that part of its profits earned in the normally tax-free Radcliffe building.

The University Children's Theatre has clarified its position with associate dean of students Robert B. Waltson as an organization completely separate from the University. Though it retains the name University Children's Theatre, it is not a College group and therefore may make a profit for individual members.

"Unexpectedly large" profits which three members of the group earned on the production of "Alice" have caused the organization to revise its constitution and provide for more equitable distribution of future profits, Miss Butte stated.