Council Motion Establishes Bureau To Give Financial Advice to Clubs

The Student Council approved a motion last night establishing a Council-run financial advisory bureau for undergraduate organizations.

The bureau, titled the Central Financial Advising and Purchasing Agency, will assist organizations, at their request, in investment, bookkeeping, and technical aspects of financial management. It will also arrange joint purchases of commodities in large quantities for groups that would otherwise have bought them separately.

"The Agency was set up," Council Treasurer Edward M. Abramson '57 said last night, "as one of the Council's more tangible services to the undergraduates organizations when it came to our attention that the increased financial efficiency of these organizations might stimulate and enhance their activities and membership and thus better serve the student body."

The treasurer of the Council will serve as general adviser. A special purchasing officer will be appointed, after a competition, within the next month.

The Council last night also endorsed the Union Committee Library Report recommending the extension of Lamont hours from 10 to 11 p.m. instead of 10 to 12 p.m., as the previous Reynolds report advised, and continuing regular hours through the first week of reading period, in contradiction to the Reynolds reports.

In endorsing the report, the group approved it as a statement of freshman views on library facilities, but stated that this did not alter its previous acceptance of the Reynolds report.