Dining Tables Co Foreign in Flavor

International dining tables, to facilitate further acquaintance between American and foreign students, may be set up in the Houses this fall under the auspices of the student council International Activities Committee.

The group is also considering the establishment of a personal undergraduate adviser system for foreign students.

The plans, which await Faculty approval, were made at an organizational meeting of the International Activities committee Monday, following the results of an informal Committee poll of foreign students. The poll indicated that the students were dissatisfied with present opportunities for meeting American students.

The tables will be open presumably to all students and conversation will be in English. The Committee said that there will be no affiliation between the international tables and the foreign language tables, designed primarily for language students, now operating in some of the Houses.

Under the personal advisor system, an American student will meet each foreign student on his arrival in Cambridge and will act as a social and academic counselor throughout the year.