Key Sees GOP Win, Picks IKe, Stevenson As Candidates in '56

President Eisenhower will probably win in 1956 if he runs for re-elections, V. O. Key, professor of Government, told a meeting of the Young Republicans yesterday.

"If I were a betting man and nothing changes before the elections, I wouldn't wager very much against him, and I doubt that anyone else would, either," Key said. He added that "it would be most extraordinary if Ike did not run again"

Key declared that Eisenhower owed his election to the large number of Democrats who switched allegiance in 1952 and to his great personal popularity. But he said it is doubtful that all of those who voted for the President will remain republicans permanently.

Key, a former research technician for the National research Planning Board, said that Adlai Stevenson would probably lead Democratic opposition in 1956. "But if the situation changes, and Ike doesn't run, the Democrats' nomination will be worth more and Stevenson will have a tough battle on his hands at the convention," he said.