NCAA's Scheduling Probably Excludes TV for Yale Game

The Harvard-Yale game will almost certainly not be televised next fall. The date of the contest, Nov. 19, has been selected by the National Broadcasting Company for a national telecast' of the traditional U.C.L.A. Southern California encounter.

The University might televise the game anyway, but this is considered unlikely since the action would mean violating NCAA rules. Under the regulations, no game can be televised regionally on date for which a national game is scheduled.

NBC yesterday announced regional broadcasting dates as Sept. 24, Oct. 8, Oct. 22, Nov. 5. and Nov. 12. The dates would permit the televising of the Cornell, Dartmouth, and Brown games.

The University had rejected the NCAA program previously, but will probably not break with it now. The policy Committee of the Ivy League has taken no definite stand as yet, although television was discussed at the meeting of the Committee last Sunday.