Sailing Team Beats Five Colleges To Capture Rudoff Oberg Trophy

The Crimson sailing team, paced by wins in the "A" and "B" 'divisions, out-ran five Boston area colleges to capture the Oberg Trophy yesterday. The victory was also the sailor' first this year against the Engineers.

Fred Hoppin with crews of George Cronin and Pete Chermayeff stopped the M.I.T. ace, Alain deBerc, to place first in the "A" division with 37 points. In the "B" competition, A. C. Langworthy with Crew McKim William took the other Crimson first with 34 points.

If Addie Closson had not been edged by a daring move in the "C" division, the Crimson might have swept all three first places. In the final heat, Closson started fast and was holding a big lead until breeze, and his gamble worked as a puff swept him past Closson to win first place.

The totals were: Harvard, 99; M.I.T., 95; Boston College, 80; Tuft, 75; Northeastern, 72; and Boston University, 63. Fred Brooks of M.I.T. took a flyer wide to the leeward in hope of picking up a