Car Enthusiasts Club Slates Intercollegiate Race-Rally Weekend

About 200 automobile fans from 12 New England colleges will join in rallies, gymkhanas, races, and hill climbs when the Harvard Motor Sports Enthusiasts' Club sponsors the first Intercollegiate Race-Rally Weekend in history on May 14 and 15, club president Ira J. Rimson '56 announced last night.

The event, which will be held in Gilford, N.H., has drawn entries from Brown, Colgate, Connecticut, Dartmouth, Fordham, M.I.T., Rhode Island, Trinity, Tufts, Williams, and Yale. The club also expects an entry "on the sly" from Princeton, where cars are forbidden.

"We hope to form an intercollegiate organization of sports car clubs at that time," said Peter M. Magie '57, chairman of the Weekend's Planning Committee. "The organized sports car groups do not meet the needs of student car enthusiasts," he continued, "and we should form some organization to promote future competition."

The weekend's events will begin with an average-speed rally Saturday morning in which the contestants will try to keep to a specified speed throughout their trip to Gilford. That afternoon a gymkhana, or test of driving skill, will be held. Sunday morning's event will be a hill climb and an additional race will be run in the afternoon. Only the last event is limited to sports cars; the others are open to stock models as well.

A silver trophy will be awarded to the winning college club, and awards will be given to the winners in the various events.