Twelve Fields Will Offer 59 New Courses

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences will offer 59 courses outside General Education and the five major fields this fall that were not given last year, according to the 1955-56 course catalogue.

The courses will be given in Anthropology, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Classics, Comparative Literature, Engineering Sciences, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Music, and Philosophy.

In Classics, Werner W. Jaeger, University Professor, will lecture of "Hymnic Poetry of the Greeks" in Greek 113, although his course on "Demosthenes' Political Orations" will be emitted in the fall.

Fine Arts

George M. A. Hanfmann and Charles L. Kuhn, both associate professors of Fine Arts, will present Fine Arts 130, "Ancient Art," and Fine Arts 195, "Art in Germany in the Middle Ages and Renaissance," respectively.

Applied Mathematics 206, "Tensor Analysis and Applications," will be one of two new course in its field. Carl E. Pearson, assistant professor of Applied Mechanics, will give Applied Physics 285, "Advanced Thermodynamies," and Bruce Chalmers, Gordon McKay Professor of Metallurgy, will teach Engineering Sciences 190, "Engineering Materials."

Most of the eight courses in Anthropology which are listed for this fall are reorganizations of subjects being presented this year. Clyde K. M. Kluckhohn, professor of Anthropology, who is in California this year, will be back to give his course on "History and Theory of Anthropology," Anthropology 250.