Flynn Takes Darcey Trophy In University Singles Finals

Junior Bernard Flynn overcame a floating inner tube and four other singles oarsmen yesterday afternoon to win the University Singles Championship on the Charles River. He was one of six victors in the finals of the 1955 University Sculling Regatta held over the past two days.

The other winners were Ken Culbert in the Junior Singles Championship Ed Mathews in the novice singles. Ed Pitts in the 155 pound singles, Stephen Gordet in the compromise class, and Paul Haskell in the wherry division.

Flynn's victory came despite his head-on collision with an inner tube within the first quarter mile of the mile long race. Although he stopped dead, the House singles champion recovered quickly enough to pass Oxford oarsman Harry Quick 1GBA freshman Bart Thomas, senior Ned Ames, and math instructor Hartley Rogers.

Using a relatively low 26 stroke, Flynn covered the distance in 7:42.2, finishing two lengths ahead of Quick. Three weeks ago, Quick, who rowed last year on the Oxford first crew, established a Thirty Minute Club record of 25:44.3 from Weld Boathouse to the Arsenal Bridge and back.

The Crimson senior's first place entitled him to the Darcey Memorial Trophy left undefended by second year law student and varsity lightweight coach Derrick Wilde. Wilde had won the cup in 1953 and 1954.

The three quarter mile junior single race was won by senior Ken culbert for the second consecutive year. He defeated J.J. Weiberson and W. D. Gerr. In the 155 pound singles competition Pitts finished ahead of David Wallace, Steve Bolster, and Don Mckay.

Novice singles winner Mathews outrowed Frank Hamm, Karim Khan and Dave Halberstam. In the wherry race Haskell paced Huston Banton, Dick Uliman, and Charlie Wolle. Compromise winner Gordet covered his half mile race uncontested.