Eden, Party Win British Elections

LONDON, Fri, May 37--Prime Minister Eden and the Conservative party scored a smashing victory in yesterday's selection.

They won a new five-year term with an indicated House of Commons majority of 50 or more seats, against the scant 17-seat margin they had in the last Parliament.

Morgan Phillips, secretary of the opposition Labor party, conceded the party's defeat at 3:15 a.m. today.

The voters dealt a severe blow to Clement Atlee's Labor forces, who won the popular vote in the 1951 elections but lost out in the tabulation of House of Common seats. This time the Conservatives ran ahead in popular vote as well.

When counting stopped for the night the Conservatives had scored a net gain of ten House of Commons seats, with good prospects of winding up with an over-all majority of perhaps 50 to 60.