Council Offers Fourteen Health Center Proposals

Letter to Farnsworth Asks Enlargement Of His New Plan

The Student Council has presented 14 recommendations to the University Health Service for inclusion into its plans for the new health center. These include proposals for chest X-rays and health insurance for all students.

The recommendations are contained in a letter sent to Dr. Dana L. Farnsworth, director of the Service, by Albert B. Levin '56, Council vice-president, expressing the group's sympathy with Farnsworth's aims, and emphasizing the Hygiene Department's obligations to the healthy student as well as the one who is physically or mentally ill.

Specifically the Council urged that 1) because of the projected health center location at Mt. Auburn St., between Holyoke and Dunster Sts., "steps . . . be taken to insulate the infirmary from the noise of student revelries which occasionally break the quiet of that area"; 2) that a student lounge with reading, radio, and television facilities be established in the infirmary for those who are well enough to use it.

Lamont Books

In addition, the report asked 3) that students entering the new infirmary be allowed their choice of single or multiple rooms; 4) that those able to work may receive Lamont reserve books; 5) that the Health Office give increased publicity to its dental and opthalmic services; 6) that although the Council had no objection to the inclusion of faculty members and employees in the health program, preference in the use of services be given to students.

The Council advised 7) that there be a compulsory basic fee for health services, with exemptions provided on religious grounds only; 8) that the Hygiene Department give adequate coverage to intramural athletics; 9) and that the services for resident and non-resident students be the same, without the assumption that non-residents will receive all treatment outside; 10) that the University provide a compulsory insurance plan, including coverage for accidents incurred outside the University, for less money than other existing plans.

Chest X-rays

Eleven, that the Hygiene Department consider the possibility of required chest X-rays for every student each year, if such a plan is mechanically practicable; 12) that students receiving treatment at the Health Center be told specifically what is being done for them and why; 13) that the research work of the Health Service, though given full Council encouragement, be financed by means other than the compulsory student health fee; 14) that emotional research findings be supplied to freshman advisers, tutors, Alston Burr Senior Tutors, the Bureau of Study Counsel, and the Office of Student Placement.

Previous to the writing of the letter, the Council conferred through Levin with Farnsworth, and held on open discussion with John Butler, executive assistant to the director of the University Health Service.