Jobs Available Despite Increased Demand

Despite a solid rise in the number of jobs assured to freshmen by the Financial Aid Caster, the Student Employment Bureau is sure that so one who needs a job this year will be without one.

With the rise in applicants has come a corresponding increase in available employment, Miss Gladys M. Fales of the Bureau said yesterday. "Of the 270 freshman with assured jobs who have been to see us," she added, "Only ten have not been already placed."

35 Porters Employed

Freshmen job seekers at this time last year numbered only 175, and in 1950, the first year in which employment was allocated on the basis of need, but 76 freshmen applied at the Bureau all year.

A major factor in the steady increase of available jobs, according to Miss Fales, is the growing belief by departments of the University that students are responsible enough to complete any job they undertake.

New positions are also being found within the College. The replacement of maids with student porters has resulted in 85 additional places, with Eliot and Duster Houses still to be converted. This year, student porters will earn a total of $40,000.

1,000 Jobs Due

In 1954-5 the Employment Bureau arranged over $350,000 worth of jobs for some 900 students. This year Miss Fales expects to arrange work for over 1,000 men.

The three main fields of employment for students are the dining halls, the libraries, and the dormitory crews. "We know we are going to have more applicants every year," Miss Fales said, "and we just have to continue expanding the number of jobs to keep up with them."

She estimated that almost one third of the freshman class would be employed by the end of the spring term. The number of jobs found for all students by the Bureau will be up about 400 per cent over 1950.