New Addition Suggested for Parking Area

The unprecedented number of requests for parking permits from resident undergraduates will probably compel the University to expand the Business School parking area this fall, Charles C. Pyne, Assistant to the Administrative Vice President, said yesterday.

Capacity of the present undergraduate area on Western Avenue is about 200 cars, Pyne said, and it was completely filled by Wednesday. At least 25 undergraduates are already on a waiting list for parking space.

Pyne plans to ask the administration for permission to increase the size of the Business School area by another 100 cars. He felt that it should be granted "without too much difficulty." The actual job would take two weeks, he said.

More than 3400 students have so far registered their cars here, according to Matthew J. Toohy, Chief of University Police. This figure is "way ahead of previous years," he said. A higher percentage of registrants than ever before want University parking space as well. He expected the waiting list to grow considerably during the next few weeks.

All students on the list who must now leave their cars on streets overnight may receive city tickets, Cambridge Police Chief Patrick F. Ready warned. "If boys get tagged because there are no parking areas available, it's just too bad," he said last night.

At present, the University administration is not considering any restriction on the use of cars by undergraduates, Pyne noted. But any further addition to the Business School lot after this present proposal would be very costly, he said