Committee Will Discuss Nature of Eighth House

Members to Consider Abolishing Entries, 'Gracious Living'

The Committee to Visit Harvard College, meeting at the beginning of February, will discuss what the proposed eighth house will be like, it was learned yesterday.

Several members of the Committee, appointed by the Board of Overseers, said that they understood the entire question of the Houses would come under discussion, particularly which features of the present Houses will be retained in the proposed addition, and which could be dispensed with.

The discussion will be directly in line with the report of last year's visiting committee which recommended the construction of "two or three" new Houses "before the wave of popularity hits." At that time, the committee also recommended that the College should expand to meet the demand of increased population, and either build new freshman dormitories or integrate freshmen into the Houses.

Fellow Up Suggestions

It is probable, therefore, that this year's committee will follow up the 1955 suggestions with a thorough study of the House system.

David Rockefeller '36, chairman of both this and last year's committee, would not comment on the proposed agenda for the committee, but another member said last night that he remembered receiving a letter about it which contained information on a new House, including such items as plumbing, windows, common rooms, and libraries.

Rumors have indicated entries would be abolished. Instead, each floor might contain only single rooms and a common living room for all residents. The private bathroom and the fireplace may also disappear along with several other features of 'gracious living,' one member said.

Of the 11 members of the Committee, eight are graduates of the College, and only four had a chance to live in the Houses. Therefore, they will probably talk to undergraduates about the House living conditions as they did last year when they found that students appeared "a good deal less concerned than the faculty" about the disappearance of "Harvard luxury."

Committee members are Arthur A. Ballantine, Jr. '36, John Mason Brown '23, Everett N. Case, William H. Cornog, James A. Field, Jr. '37, Marshall Field, Jr. '38, Barklie M. Henry '24, John F. McNeill, Rockefeller, Lawrence Terry '22, and Harper Woodward '31.