Sharper Soccer Team May Upset Fourth Place Brown Squad Today

Bruins Play Rough

A win makes all the difference in the world. Since taking the Big One from Princeton last week after six straight losses, the Crimson soccer team seems ready to continue where it left off and engineer another upset over Brown this morning at 11 on the Business School Field.

The Bruins, however, will present a problem quite different than any the Crimson has faced this year. Brown has a tendency to play rough bruising soccer--not entirely within the rules. If officials are not careful in a Brown game, it often gets away from them. This occurred in the Bruin-UConn contest Oct. 30, when a full-scale riot developed on the field.

It is probable that the varsity would lose a game of this type, since it tends to become vulnerable, even though the squad might hold its own physically. Crimson coach Bruce Munro holds that if Harvard can "keep the game on our level, we have a good chance of winning."

Moreover, the Crimson would wrest fourth place in the Ivy League from Brown with a win today. Although the team is naturally pointing to the Yale finale next week, it realizes that a victory over Brown is a desirable stepping stone, and the Bruins have not been overlooked.

The Harvard line, the best performing last week's Princeton win. Both passing element this year, was really solid in and shooting were sharper than ever before. The insertion of captain Grey Hodnett at center half has bolstered the midfielders defensively, while adding hustle to the center line.


Fullbacks Improve

But the big improvement--the one that has made the difference--has been at the fullback posts. Both Chris Provenson and Don Beaver turned in excellent efforts against Princeton. In so doing, they eliminated the trouble spot which cost the Crimson so many games.

Munro plans to stick with his winning combination today. But Charlie MacVeagh will be ready for limited reserve action in the line, after being out with assorted ailments most of the year. Elliot Finkelstein will be unable to back up Jim Perkins in the goal, since the senior net-tender sprained a thumb in scrimmage against the freshmen this week. Otherwise, the Crimson is in good shape physically.

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