Eli Colleges Meet House Teams in Football Today

The seven Houses and Dudley meet their Yale counterparts in a multitude of football games on Soldiers Field this afternoon. The most important contest, between the first place College inter-House team, Kirkland, and Yale's winning team, Saybrook, will determine the winner of the Edward S. Harkness Trophy, symbol of the Harvard-Yale intramural championship.

Kirkland, which uses a T formation, brings unusual depth into the traditionally close championship contest. This season the Deacons have won six games and tied one, while scoring a total of 110 points against their opponents' 18. A strong forward wall, led by ends Dick Nye and Gus Winston, is the main reason opponents scored only three touchdowns this year.

Winthrop vs. Davenport

Winthrop House, in second place in the intramural league, faces Yale's Davenport College. The Puritans feature a strong running attack with fullback Ken Holmes running well on a combination of straight bucks and cross bucks. Guard Tom Pulvino, who played JV football for two years, leads a strong Puritan defense. House athetic secretary Earl Silbert reports, however, that Davenport is "very strong."

Adams vs. Silliman

Third place Adams will meet Yale's second place Silliman College. The Gold Coaster defense is built around center Rob Richardson and line backer Dick Weller. Adams uses an A formation, much like the varsity's, with fullback Kent Campbell and halfback Charlie Currier running most of the plays.

Leverett vs. Timothy Dwight

In fourth place, Leverett will meet her sister college, Timothy Dwight. Using a T formation, Bunny halfback Ray Craven has been successful with a series of optional plays, including a reverse. Leverett has a 3-3-1 record. Charles Janning, running tackle, has done "some fine downfield blocking," according to athletic secretary Dave Nourse.

Eliot vs. Jonahan Edwards

Eliot House will play Jonathan Edwards College. Mack Hyde, injured quarterback who has been unable to play in the last three games, will once again be calling the signals for his tight T formation eleven. Defensively, Bud Saylor, Eliot's line backer, and tackle Dick Stangler, are strong points. Eliot wound up the season in fifth place.

Lowell vs. Pierson

Lowell House, plagued with a series of injuries, meets Yale's Pierson College. Last Tuesday, fullback Tom Ellingson, Don Stevenson, and Don Brown received injuries that will keep them from playing Friday afternoon. Although only sixth place in the league, the Bellboys have reportedly made their best showing in ten years.

Dunser vs. Berkely

Dunster will play Berkley College this afternoon. Operating out of a T formation, the Dunster eleven often switches to a single wing. George Douse, quarterback with two years of House football experience, and halfback Art Martin, with three years of play, have been the mainstays in Dunster's backfield. The team held a light, informal practice session late yesterday afternoon in preparation for today's game. The Funsters ended the season in seventh place in the inter-House league.

Dudley vs. Calhoun

Dudley, with only a small regular group, ended up at the bottom of the league. The Commuters will meet Calhoun, last place College at Yale. Al Lubetkin is expected to quarterback today's game.

Winthrop House, first place team in the inter-House soccer race, will meet Yale's Berkley College. Captain John Fisher, center forward, has sparked this year's team. In touch football, Winthrop also took the inter-House championship and will meet Pierson College.