Vellucci Recognizes Abramson As 'Ambassador' to Cambridge

Cambridge's Court Jestor, City Councillor Alfred E. Vellucci has apparently stripped John W. Teele '27, Harvard's Ambassador to Cambridge, of his diplomatic papers.

Commenting on Student Council president Edward M. Abramson's recent "breach-of-faith" accusation against Teele, Vellucci said, "As far as I am concerned, I will no longer recognize Mr. Teele as the University's representative, and I will consider Mr. Edward M. Abramson as Harvard's spokesman."

"I would like to announce to Mr. Abramson that when the City Council holds its public hearing on my proposal to have alternate-side parking he will receive a personal invitation from me to attend that hearing," Vellucci said. He added menacingly, "I dare Mr. Teele or any other person at Harvard to stop him from talking or speaking his mind."

Vellucci intends to see alternate-side parking in effect in the City as soon as possible. He said that he would ask Thomas McNamara, Chairman of the Council Committee on Ordinances, to call a meeting of that committee which will be attended by the police chief and Abramson, "who will be the Harvard representative as far as I am concerned."

As a general comment on local diplomatic relations, he concluded, "Instead of talking about hanging Vellucci, I think we ought to talk about hanging Curry and Pusey, and throw Teele in with them."