Back From Eternity

At RKO Keith Memorial

First of all this is not a sequel to any other picture. It is a simple story of what nine people will do in an everyday preposterous situation. Reel One: meet alluring Anita Ekberg, being flown out of Las Vegas to become a B-girl in Boca Grande, South America. Reels Two and Three: meet eight other passengers who will fly to Boca Grande with her, including a vodka-drinking pilot (Yes ... (sob), she was killed that night by a truck.")

Then that tropical storm over the head-hunters' country in South America and the three-point landing on a clump of rocks in the jungle.

"There is one way we could fix that prop," says co-pilot Joe, who is on his first regular fight since graduating from pilot school.

And secretly, two other passengers start guessing. "Professor, have you been thinking about--"

"Yes, Vasquel. But you know these head-hunters. You've studied their culture. What are the chances?"

"We're invaders, Professor Spangler. Listen for the drums, but when they stop--watch out!"

Meanwhile, back in the plane, everyone has forgotten about the pretty stewardess from Panama who was doing a good job until she fell out of the plane during the storm. And there is the skeptical Las Vegas hood who, unlike the audience, knows for certain there is no chance of getting out of the jungle.

When the meat runs out two days later and the coward has run away with the only hunting gun, the petty fights begin. An engaged girl (Phillis Kirk) and Anita Ekberg, clad in scant blouses, tussle over the co-pilot in a nearby brook for the picture's most interesting scene.

Miraculously, the plane is fixed, but unfortunately the oil in the right wing is low and only five persons can fly out. The drums begin.

"We're old, Martha," the hobbling professor admits to his wife.

Suddenly, the drums stop. The coward's body (minus its head) is found. The plane must take off immediately. But who can pilot the plane out? And who will its passengers be? And who cares?