The Mail

The enclosed was received by Louis F. Fleser from a fellow chemist at the Israel Institute of Technology:

Dear Professor Fieser,

I am writing this letter since I feel that it is important that key people in American universities should understand Israel's position in today's "One World." To be sure, the problem is very complex and since nations usually deal with situations in the light of their own interests I should like to point out what seems to me to be in America's best interest in the present Middle East situation.

1. Israel's action in the Sinai was a purely defensive measure, forced upon her by continuing attacks and obvious aggressive intent from Egypt--

2. Sinai was an advance base for the Communists, as shown by the vast amounts of Soviet supplies, and by destroying this, Israel has for the time being helped to save the Middle East from Russian domination.


3. The U.S. should not insist on a return to the situation which existed previously, since this bore within it the seeds of regional war and encouragement for the Russians.

4. Israel's supreme desire is for peace, and the U.S. should use all its influence to insist that the Arab states end their hostility and agree to enter peace negotiations with Israel. David Ginsburg.

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