Varsity Basketball Team Plays Weak Northeastern Five Today

Overconfidence will be the only thing the varsity basketball team must fear tonight, as the surprising Crimson squad faces a poor Northeastern five tonight at 8:15 at Northeastern.

Harvard takes a perfect 4-0 record into the contest, while its hapless opponents have lost all six games they have played. Against Brown, the only mutual opponent, the Crimson administered a 92-47 shellacking to the same team that trimmed the Huskies, 76-51.

Northeastern, in fact, has lost all its games by about the same 15 to 25 point margin, and should not prove tough competition. A year ago, however, the Huskies also lost six games in a row, but then proceeded to capture eight of their next nine contests.

The varsity has good grounds for feeling confident. Against Brown Wednesday night, the first team moved as a well-functioning unit for the first time this year. The defense was next to unbelievable, stealing the ball time and again, and the fast break was working to fine advantage. Even the second team outplayed the Bruins. although retaining much of its raggedness.

Tonight's game will be the last until January, since the usual Southern trip was cancelled due to the racial issue. Center Ike Canty and forwards Dick Woolston and Munk Muncaster will play underneath and seek to retain their customary control of the backboards, while guards Dick Hurley and Bob Hastings will provide the playmaking and defensive impetus.

George Harrington proved Wednesday that he definitely will see plenty of action. He demonstrated fine ball control and the best set shot seen at Harvard for several years. The rest of the ten-man squad, Griff McClellan, Bryant Danner, Bob Barnett, and Bill Schreiber, will probably play about the same amount they did against Brown, as Coach Wilson seeks to develop two smooth-working fives.

Northeastern will start three men who also played football, Frank Krypel, 6-5 center, John Ericson, 6-4 forward, and guard Al Shields. Bill Colby, a forward who last year led the Huskies with a total of 440 points, and guard Dick Stewart round out the first five.

* * *

The freshman team, which won its first game of the season Wednesday against Brown, will seek to continue its newly-found success formula tonight in the preliminary.

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