Fencer Suffers Lung Collapse, Puncture in Match With Freshman

Jean R. Roy of Bradford Durfee Technical Institute had his lung pierced by an epee blade while fencing against the Crimson freshmen. He was on the critical list in the Fall River Truesdale Hospital Saturday night, but is now "resting comfortably."

Roy was fencing against Crimson fencer David T. Schwartz '59 when the accident occured. Roy lunged and Schwartz's blade entered a rip in his sleeve, the point striking him under the arm. The match was immediately stopped for examination of the wound. The injury appeared to be minor and it seemed that Roy was suffering primarily from shock, and he was helped to walk out of the room.

However, he was taken immediately to the hospital where the doctors realized that one lung had been punctured and that both had collapsed. They immediately operated. Saturday he was on the critical list but after a good night's rest the doctors considered that he was making a good recovery. The hospital surgeon said that the principal concern now was to get the air out of Roy's chest.

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