Council President Defends Midyear Recess Proposal

Plan Does Not Cut Number Of Working Days, He States

Student Council President Edward M. Abramson '57 has prepared a defense of the Council's proposal that the mid-semester break be lengthened to three days by reducing the number of school days.

The defense, which will be submitted to the next meeting of the Committee on Educational Policy, contends that the proposal will not "shorten the number of active 'working days.'"

On Thursday, Dean Leighton indicated that the members of the University hierachy were not in favor of the proposal. Leighton said "the Council seems to have gone along assuming that a vacation can be created from school days."

The Council belives that the first few days of the spring reading period are not fully used by most students. Their defense continues, "We further believe that students as well as faculty cannot return to a conscientious work schedule immediately after a strenous examination period."

The defense adds, "By eliminating the incompletely utilized days at the beginning of the spring reading period and applying them to an inter-term vacation, students and faculty could begin the spring term with renewed vigor,

While Leighton said he did not know how the Corporation would feel on the matter, the Council felt that a "liberal minded" Corporation would agree to "the suggestions of the participants."