Students for Ike Seek Membership In Forum Group

"Students for Eisenhower" will join the Political Forum in order to "provide a more adequate representation of the Republican viewpoint in debates," Morton Korn '57, president of the club, said last night.

Last Thursday's Forum debate on United States recognition of China demonstrated the need for more speakers to defend the present administration's policies, Korn claimed. The Young Republicans so far have refused to join the other nine member clubs, of the Forum.

"Korn's plan is a good idea, but it must first be discussed by the club presidents in the Forum," according to Kent R. Wilson '58, chairman of the group and president of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. The admission of the "Students for Eisenhower" will be debated at the next and as yet unscheduled meeting of the presidents.

Most of the club presidents, who compose the Forum's executive committee, have already approved the admission of the Eisenhower backers, Korn stated. "Some objections were raised on the grounds that the club is a temporary organization and will stop functioning in November," he added.

Korn expects there will be no objections to joining when his membership votes on the question tomorrow night.