Bowles Will Give First Lecture In 1956 Godkin Series Tonight

To Discuss U.S. Politics

Chester Bowles, former Governor of Connecticut and Ambassador to India from 1951-53, will present "A Theory of Political Evolution" as the first of three Godkin Lectures tonight at 8 p.m. in Sanders Theatre.

Under the general topic, "American Politics and World Disorder," Bowles' opening speech will deal with his own view of how modern political alignments arise.

In the two following lectures tomorrow and Thursday night, the former Ambassador will discuss "The New Deal Becomes Respectable" and "A New Political Focus." All lectures will be open to the public.

The second subject will include an analysis of how New Deal concepts have become acceptable to both major parties. Bowles' final talk will concern important unsolved problems in world affairs and how new political alignments will hinge on their solution.

A Yale graduate in 1924, Bowles founded the New York Advertising firm of Benton and Bowles and was Chairman of the Board from 1936 to 1941. After serving in various government positions which included Price Administrator and Director of the Office of Economic Stablization, he became Governor of Conn. in 1949.

Among the statesman's most noted publications are "Tomorrow Without Fear," published in 1946, and his latest book, "New Dimensions For Peace."