Lacrosse Squad Learns in Losing On Spring Trip

The varsity lacrosse team spent a week following some of the nation's finest opposition around the green fields of the Southern Territory, picking up sun tan and bruises and perhaps a little wisdom. At week's end, they piled into their bus and followed the blizzard from Annapolis to Boston. Road time: 20 hrs.

Back in Cambridge, the varsity faces a stiff stretch in the Briggs Cage and the probability that the season opener against Syracuse (scheduled for Saturday) will be postponed.

As for the long journey out of winter, the Crimson lost them all, but was better than expected. Munro's squad outscored league champion Hofstra in the second half, but could not get its breath in the first half, as lack of outdoor practice worked its insidious will. "That field looked like it was 20 miles long," moaned Munro.

Against Rutgers, it was a different death. The Crimson went for a 19-9 ride and Munro admitted, "we couldn't have won if we'd had ten-years of practice."

The University of Baltimore jumped ahead of a varsity, stiff and swollen after a day's rest, and kept the lead although outscored by the Crimson in the second half.

The last of the sunny sadness came in Annapolis, where Navy football players followed up a psychological advantage to win, 18 to 2.