Tennis Team Beaten Twice By Powerful North Carolina

The varsity tennis team completed one of its most successful southern trips in many years with a 3-2 record, one which appears rather mediocre on the surface. However, the fact that the two defeats came at the hands of North Carolina, a perennial tennis power house, makes the trip a successful one.

The team began with easy wins over Byrd Park and Country Club of Virginia before moving onto the North Carolina courts. In the first day's match, the Crimson dropped a close 7-6 encounter, which was not decided until the final two matches, both three set affairs. The identical situation arose on the scond day when the varsity bowed, 9 to 6.

Especially gratifying was the performance of Dale Junta, who won both his matches against the North Carolina number one and two players. Captain Brooks Harris split his encounters with the same two men, and Ham Graven, last year's first-ranked man, did the same at third singles.

These performances against North Carolina indicate that for the first time in many years, the Crimson will have enough strength at the top to cope with the stars of other colleges.

Doubles play was the other highlight of the trip. The first doubles combine of Harris and Junta was undefeated, and the overall showing of the doubles team gives evidence of additional power in this category.

Against Duke the varsity won, 6 to 3, and showed that it also had the depth necessary for a successful team. Harris and Junta, tired from the previous day's matches, both lost in three sets, but three of the four lower ranked players won handily.

At Annapolis, the varsity was rained out of its first official league match with Navy after compiling a 3-1 lead. Junta, Harris, and Gravem, all in contention for the number one slot, each won impressively, while Connie Fischer dropped the Crimson's only match at fourth singles.