Admission of Freshmen May Decrease to 950

Room Overcrowding Will Probably Make Drop a Necessity

The size of next fall's freshman class will probably be considerably smaller than any of its recent predecessors, it was learned from reliable sources yesterday.

Whereas in the past few years, the classes averaged about 1150 students, the University is planning to select a class of about only 950 freshman this year.

One reason for this break with the recent trend is primarily the limited number of available rooms in the Yard and crowded conditions in the Houses--the eventual home for the Class of 1960.


The Master of one House said that the seven Masters were promised by the Administration last spring that this freshman class would be only as big as the College could house.

Admissions Board to Meet


It is believed that to achieve this rather small number of freshmen, the Admissions Office will have to accept many fewer students than it has in the past. It is understood that if more than 1000 freshmen register in the fall, it will be very difficult for the College to provide rooms.

The Admissions Board will meet this week to decide how many students to accept, and what standard of admissions to use. It is believed that to ensure the 950 number, the Board may accept a number very close to that, and then, perhaps, establish a waiting list to fill unexpected vacancies.

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