Varsity Lacrosse Squad Will Meet Powerful Cornell

In a kind of grotesque pantomime of Beauty and the Beast this afternoon, the very big and fast Cornell football team will press the varsity lacrosse team, adroit but still unvictorious after two games and a spring trip; the Big Red gridders are reportedly not of the best with a stick, but the Crimson is not too big in the biceps and calves.

Fine Points Forgotten

If the varsity can remember the technical fine points that kept in ahead in the first half of Thursday's BLC game, and which it forgot in the second and fatal (7-9) half, it may be able to turn the first Eastern Intercollegiate League contest into its first victory.

As far as lungs go, coach Bruce Munro indicated last night that the deficit that began in the rain earlier this month has been overcome. "It was not condition," he said, that caused the varsity to fade before the BLC in the second half. "As things got excited they forgot what they had learned in practice during the week," he said.

The varsity line-up, led by captain Dexter Lewis who scored four and assisted on the other three in the BLC match, will remain unchanged this afternoon on the Business School Field at 3 p.m.


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