Toohy Warns Students With Cars Of University Police Crackdown

B-School Lot or Ticket

Captain Matthew J. Toohy of the University police force warned all car-owning College students yesterday that "we now have to crack down on all night parking violators. My advice to those not owning spots in the Business School lot is to get their cars out of Cambridge."

Toohy's warning came on the heels of a statement by Edward Reynolds '15, the Administrative Vice President, ordering the University police to make a survey of all illegally parked cars owned by College students.

"We're starting all over the College area as soon as we can get ready," Toohy said, "and from now on, any car parked on a Cambridge street overnight is liable to be ticketed." He explained that his department had taken up the initiative in ticketing "because we have to go along with the city."

12 B-School Vacancies

"There are a few vacancies left in the Business School lot," Toohy said, "and unless a student can find a place here, I am afraid that he should move his car out of Cambridge or else it will be ticketed." At present, there are 12 vacancies in the lot which can be had for $3 for the rest of the school year.

This latest crackdown has been attributed to the Cambridge City Council's vehement attack on the College for its failure to provide adequate parking facilities. Toohy, however, explained that this was a "normal thing for this time of the year. The streets have to be clean for Commencement and we have to get some of the cars off the street."

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