Sweezy Returns to Speak Again At University of New Hampshire

DURHAM, N.H., May 22-Paul M. Sweezy '31, convicted of contempt for refusing to tell the state subversive activities committee about a 1954 lecture he delivered at the University of New Hampshire, returned to the university campus tonight for an address on "Marxian Socialism."

Sweezy, an ex-Harvard instructor, told a student audience of 350 that: "I believe socialism will win out in this great world-shaking contest with capitalism."

His address climaxed a wide-spread controversy over whether the 47-year-old New Hampshire resident should be allowed to speak on the campus of the state university, Sweezy, a former CRIMSON president who is now co-editor of the New York magazine "Monthly Review," was convicted of contempt of court for refusing to answer questions about his 1954 lecture.

Sees Socialistic Trends

University of New Hampshire officials finally agreed to permit one more lecture by Sweezy, provided an additional lecture were given by "a well-known figure of opposite views."


Describing his appearance as "a clear test of the quality of academic freedom that exists at the University of New Hampshire," Sweezy went on to assert that "the trend is now visibly away from private enterprise and toward public ownership of the means of production....Only in the United States and in a few countries closely allied to the United States does the trend seem to be in the other direction."

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