2 Professors TV Lecturers In Fall of '56

Harvard University in cooperation with the Ford Foundation has created the position of Lowell Television Lecturer to be held each year by two distinguished college professors. The lectureship has been created on a trial basis for the first three years, with the University committed to appoint lecturers until 1958-59.

President Pusey said that the new positions recognize the University's continuing interest in education through television and also "record for television a college course of instruction selected for both its intellectual content and the excellence of its manner of presentation."

The series will be telecast over Channel two, Boston's educational station. Other educational stations will probably receive filmed versions of these lectures.

The University named Edwin G. Boring, professor of Psychology, and Zachariah Chafee, Jr., University Professor, Emeritus, as the lecturers for the 1956-57 term.

Boring, an experimental psychologist who directed the Harvard psychological laboratory for 25 years, will give an adaptation of his course in elementary psychology. He will deal with perception, motivation, emotion, learning, memory, and reasoning as problems of man's basic make-up.

Chafee will lecture on "Human Rights and the Constitution," a version of the Social Science course which he has taught in the College for six years. He will trace the rise of human rights in English law, their incorporation in the U.S. Constitution, and their scope at the present time.