Democrats Gain Early Lead In Summer School's Politics

The Harvard Young Democrats jumped off to a quick lead in the Summer School's political sweepstakes last week. At registration time, the Club signed up some 80 students for its activities.

For a while, the Republicans were left at the gate. But Jack Watson, an official at the Republican State Headquarters, phoned the CRIMSON the other day and said the Republicans are "more than interested" in securing volunteers for various types of political activity. Those interested should phone RIchmond 2-4000.

The majority of Democratic volunteers are out-of-staters, according to John Ciampa, Jr., temporary president of the HYDC. There have even been volunteers from Canada, the Virgin Islands, and Greece.

Ciampa stated last night that he was planning two types of programs for Club members: an active and a passive one. The former will entail taking active part in various political campaigns in this area. Those in the passive program will sit and listen to guest speakers, he said.

Only an active membership will be offered to Republican volunteers, according to Watson. There are openings for clerical work, letter-writing, and manning Young Republican booths at Massachusetts county fairs, he said. Those so desiring can also work in the "Summer Whittier for Governor" campaign, or in some special aspect of the national political drives.


Among the foreigners who have volunteered to aid the Democrats is John Papademetriou, a Greek student studying classical literature here. He wants to be non-partisan, and said he hoped "to observe Republican operations also."

Another Democratic volunteer is Hazel Clarke, a public school teacher in North Carolina. She wants to observe the workings of a political party at the practical level, she said.

And Miss Clarke, along with 30 or 40 other Democrats, was delighted when the Club visited the home of Congressional candidate Jackson Holz last Monday.