Jerusalem Replica To Be Constructed

A college professor has been appointed chairman of a research council which plans to construct a replica of the walled city of Jerusalem.

Robert H. Pfeiffer, Hancock Professor of Semitic Languages and curator of the Semitic Museum, will direct a committee of scholars in attempting to reproduce the city on a site in Riverside County, Calif.

The committee is working under the auspices of the American Foundation for the Preservation of the Christian Heritage and will endeavour to erect the city exactly as it was in the time of Christ. Eventually, replicas of Bethlehem and Nazareth will complete the 2,000 acre area which will be named Christialand.

The foundation plans to raise 20 million dollars in order to support the project which, according to Pfeiffer, "will be strictly non-commercial in character with no concessions of any kind." He chose the site in California because of its similarity to the Holy Land in climate and topography.