Speakers at HWF Forum Urge World Ruling Body Replace UN

'Due to Collapse'

A bicameral world government body, similar to the U.S. legislature, should replace the weakening United Nations which, according to Rupert Emerson '22, professor of Government, "is due to collapse at some point." Two professors suggested this plan at a Harvard World Federalists forum last night.

Louis B. Sohn, professor of Law, and Clyde M. Kluckhohn, professor of Anthropology, urget that one chamber be composed of an equal number of government appointed representatives from each nation, while the other chamber be composed of representatives elected by the people of each country.

Rupert Emerson '22, Professor of Government, put forward his specific plan, but felt that "world government in any guise is good." Discussing the weakness of the United Nations, Emerson said that body, as it stands today, is is not enough to maintain world peace. Sohn pointed out that nations are now afraid to bring their problems to the U.N.

An important obstacle in the way of achieving world government, the speakers pointed out, is the question of balances of power. Sohn urged that the body incorporate a number of checks and balances, while Emberson felt that small, newly independent nations would fear that the world government would be controlled by imperialistic nations.