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What with the cold and the snow and the inexorable approach of exams, "a person could develop a cold," as apparently a number have. Nevertheless they say that every cloud has a silver lining. For instance, President Jordan has announced that Radcliffe girls are making higher marks than ever. And some nuclear physicists at Columbia have discovered for the first time that it is possible to distinguish between a reflection and the real thing, or to tell one's right hand from his left, or something of that kind. At any rate, it's reassuring to know that the physical sciences continue to make progress. Even more reassuring, however, has been the recent announcement of the latest proposals for the Eisenhower reserve program.

These have been received with some jubilation. Hundreds have changed their minds about attempting physical deferment through specious illnesses. Others who had speculated on the possibilities of continuing in graduate school indefinitely are now willing to face their duty as citizens. In a word, the new military service proposal seems likely to inspire a new patriotism throughout this tired land.

About the only people that aren't satisfied with it are the National Guardians, who are complaining because they are afraid that they will be trained. Of course, the threat of training may well wipe out the National Guard, or a large segment of it. But this only proves that the National Guard is not worth saving, at least in its present form. It is a relic of a Jeffersonian fear of standing armies and in this day should not be given much consideration, especially by Congress. Put up your dukes, General Walsh, we're ready to fight.

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