Kirkland House Plans Hungarian Scholarship

Proposal Would Enable Immigrant to Remain In House for One Year of College Study

The Kirkland House House Committee, in conjunction with the Kirkland Senior Common Room, has recently "agreed in principle that funds should be raised by the staff and members of the House for funds to make it possible for a Hungarian refugee to study at Harvard for one year," Charles H. Taylor, Master of Kirkland House, revealed last night.

The Committee hopes that if a suitable candidate can be found, the College will be able to give the student some scholarship aid. A selection committee has already been named. Its three members will be Carl Kaysen, associate professor of Economics, Zbigniew K. Brzezinski, assistant professor of Government, Louis Lefaber, instructor in Economics, and Robert S. November '58, of the House Committee.

Lefaber, a Hungarian by origin, would be especially important in the process of selection, Taylor said. The committee would present its candidate for review by the College Admissions Board, in the normal admissions manner.

Taylor emphasized that, despite the large amount of work that has been done on this proposal since its conception four days ago, the plan is still very much "in the planning stage. It has not been decided," Taylor explained, "whether or not it would be better to get a student to enter College this midyears or to wait till the fall."

Question has been raised as to whether or not there is, at present, a broad enough field for selection, and over the fact that it might be best to wait until the tension of the last few month's experiences diminishes before a candidate is chosen.

However, contacts are already being made with various relief agencies with an eye towards contacting interested students in the future.