Tuition Goes Up to $1,200 At Princeton

Dodd States Raise Will Boost Salaries

Princeton joined Yale Wednesday in announcing a $200 increase in charges, effective next September.

No similar raise was expected by Harvard in the near future; however, following the university's tuition hike of last January, Dean Bundy noted, "I wish we could say that we see an end to the problem of finances in this new tuition increase. Indeed a strong case could be made for a larger increase even now."

The Princeton increase, which will bring tuition and fixed fees to $1200, will be used to offset an additional $820,000 earmarked for faculty salary increases and benefits. "We have resisted this step by every possible means," explained President Harold W. Dodds, "but have found it necessary to act now in justice to the members of the faculty, administration and the staff whose services particularly deserve recognition."

No increase in room and board fees is now contemplated, that university announced. Princeton's last tuition hike in 1955 raised general fees and tuition from $700 to $1000.

Scholarship Compensation

The present tuition increase will provide a gross gain of $580,000 in Princeton's income. A third of this sum, however, must be allocated to the scholarship program, so the increase will not force any student to leave for financial reasons. The university anticipates a net of $400,000 from the hike.

Ford Foundation

Funds for teachers' salaries were augmented last year by a Ford Foundations grant which supplied $3,320,000. The income from the Ford Fund is being used entirely for the benefit of the faculty and administration, according to Dodds.