Crimson Ski Team Will Enter Carnival

The Crimson ski team will enter the Dartmouth Winter Carnival on Feb. 8 and 9 with "better prospects than last year" in spite of a lack of coaching, according to Joe Poindexter, varsity captain.

"There will be no official coach this year, but the managers are handling the paper work and we seem to be progressing quite well," said Poindexter.

The team is beginning its third year in the Class A division and plans to enter the winter carnivals at Williams and Middlebury and to take part in the ski events at Norwich.

Time trials will be held between terms, probably on Feb. 1. According to Poindxter, the best prospects for the Alpine events are Alfred Arkley, Brad Swett, and Pete Stevens. The jumping and cross-country entrants include Poindexter and Pete Berle.

Poindexter bases his bright hopes on the team's new material. He said that sophomore Don Stephenson is the "best four-event skier that we have." Stephenson was the captain of the freshman team last year.

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