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The plight of the peoples of Poland and Hungary became evident to the Harvard community this week when the PBH Drives Committee received a letter requesting aid from a resident of each of the two countries.

The letter from Poland was from a schoolmaster, and simply requested that books be sent. The one from Hungary was from a young engineer, who gave an urgent plea for clothing.

The Polish letter read as follows: "President of the Harvard University, Cambridge-Boston. Sir, I address to you with a pray: can you let send me a Manual of English and American Literature and Grammar and a Manual of English and American History? It's impossible here to get these books. Yours Faithfully, mgr. Michel Winogrodzki, schoolmaster, Silesia, Poland.

The letter from Hungary was written by a young engineer, just a few years out of college, probably in his mid-20's, and married. He complained that his working wage was too low, and that consequently he did not have enough money to buy himself or his wife winter clothing. Aparently they had lost many of their belongings during the revolution.

The engineer said that he had only a raincoat, and asked PBH to send over-coats and winter clothing. He added that he was tall and broadshouldered, and that his wife was small and slim.

The Drives Committee plans to retrieve some of the clothing it has already turned some of the clothing it has already turned over to the American Friends Service Committee for Hungarian Relief and will use it instead to answer this specific request. The Committee hopes to get contributions of books from local dealers or private individuals.

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