Flu Downs Yovicsin; Coach Will Return To Post Tomorrow

Coach John Yovicsin entered Stillman Infirmary yesterday suffering from a case of Asian flu.

Interviewed in a third-floor ward, Yovicsin stated that he had contracted the flu Monday, but had gone out to football practice both Monday and Tuesday. "Tuesday night was pretty bad," he said, "and today I thought that I'd come here and rest up."

The symptoms, Yovicsin asserted, had been a stiffness in his neck, spells of perspiration, and a temperature. "I guess that's Asian flu," he added.

Yovicson had been vaccinated against the disease, but the vaccination is said to be only 50 per cent effective.

Yovicsin left Stillman late last night, but was unable to tell whether he would be able to attend practice today. "But I'll be out there Friday definitely," he said.


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