Crimson Football Team Favored By 13 Points Over Ohio Eleven

The Crimson football team will be favored when it takes the field against Ohio University Saturday afternoon in the Stadium. The varsity looked good in the first half against Cornell and should rate a 13-point advantage over a light Ohio team.

Coach John Yovicsin will probably use a new backfield alignment, with Dick McLaughlin at quarterback and Walt Stahura at right halfback. Stahura injured the ring finger of his right hand and is still unable to handle the ball under center, after sitting out the last half of the Cornell game.

The remainder of the backfield will remain unchanged, with Chet Boulris at left halfback and Sam Halaby at fullback. Should Stahura be able to handle the quarterback assignment, although this seems unlikely at present, Bill Crowley will run from the left halfback slot, replacing the injured Don Gerety.

If the new alignment is used, the big question will be whether or not McLaughlin, who did not impress against Cornell, can produce the quality of play which he demonstrated several times last year.

Putting Stahura at halfback, although it weakens the quarterback spot, gives added depth to the varsoity attack, since Stahura will presumably do some passing from the running halfback position. Thus, the threat of pass will be much stronger than when Stahura was the lone passer in the backfield.

Opposing the Crimson backfield will be a light and very fast set of Ohio backs. Averaging 175 pounds to the Crimson's 190-pound average, the Bobcats will rely on the speed of left halfback Les Carney, who can cover the length of the field in about 10 seconds, and the deception of an unusual "I" formation.

In the "I," the four backs line up in a Starting Lineups OHIO  HARVARD Garrison  LE  Copeland Woods  LT  Shaunessy McCormick  LG  Walker Mallett  C  Foster Fisher  RG  Anderson Fenik  RT  Briggs Gallagher  RE  Hooper Stobart  QB  McLaughlin Carney  LH  Boulris Hilles  RH  Stahura Buckles  FB  Halaby

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