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The Newly-formed Harvard-Radcliffe committee to study full membership for Annex students in University organizations sent questionnaires yesterday to all student groups in an effort to gain statistical information and opinions.

The questionnaire will be used as the basis of a report to the Faculty Committee on Student Activities which meets October 16.

The questions submitted to organizations reflect the main issues on which integration of the groups has been blocked. The Radcliffe Administration is concerned over whether combined organizations would use a joint title, such as "Harvard-Radcliffe Debaters," or whether the Annex would be left out of the organization's name.

Problems have also been raised as to whether 'Cliffe members of a predominantly Harvard organization would have any voice on executive boards. Annex deans have intimated that they may consider 'Cliffe participation in executive decisions a prerequisite to removing the present ban on joint organizations.

The questionnaire thus asks University groups whether they favor extending full-membership to women, and if they would favor the merger if there were a proviso that the organization change its name and/or include Cliffe students on executive boards.

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