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WARSAW, Poland, Oct. 4--Combined forces of Polish Red police, security troops and militia men from worker ranks fought down a new student uprising for freedom here tonight.

The students, still apparently untamed, taunted the anti-riot forces with shouts of "Gestapo, gestapo." Poland was one of the first and worst sufferers at the hands of Hitler's gestapo more than a decade ago.

The forces used clubs and tear-gas and noise bombs as the violence spread beyond the student sphere to Poles of other ranks.

They broke up groups of students at the Warsaw Polytechnic school for the second straight night and smashed a demonstration outside the Communist party headquarters where the party central committee was reported in emergency session.

People from other walks of life joined the milling crowds after the first police assault on students.

McClellan Hits Hoffa Election

WASHINGTON, Oct. 4--Sen. McClellan (D-Ark.) today called James R. Hoffa's election as president of the Teamsters Union a challenge to Congress to enact laws that will protect rank and file union members from "gangsterism and racketeer control."

"I firmly believe the Congress will accept and meet the challenge," said McClellan, chairman of the special Senate committee to investigate illegal and improper activities in the labor-management field.

McClellan said Hoffa will be recalled before the Senate committee but that no date has yet been set.

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