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After the first official count of the School Committee ballots, Judson T. Shaplin '42, associate dean of the Graduate School of Education, won re-election by a convincing margin. Shaplin was the only candidate in the first count to receive the quota of minimum votes necessary to win.

Running behind Shaplin but without the quota of 4370 votes were James F. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Catherine T. Ogden. These two incumbents seemed sure of re-election although they both ran far behind Shaplin in number of votes. Shaplin and Mrs. Ogden are endorsed by the Cambridge Civic Association.

These two plus the places of three other CCA candidates, gave the organization an excellent chance to gain a majority on the School Committee. It has Gustave M. Solomons in fourth position, Edward T. Sullivan sixth, and Gaeton R. Aiello eighth. Two independents, John B. Sullivan and Daniel J. Hayes are running fifth and sixth.

The difference between fourth and ninth positions, however, was only 300 votes, and any of the last six candidates has a chance for election. If the CCA gets two out of their trailing candidates elected, they will then have a majority on the School Committee of six members and the mayor.

On the issue of the 17 controversial school board appointments, the two extremists won the most votes, with Shaplin, who opposed the appointments, running far ahead of Fitzgerald, who approved them. Anthony Galluccio '39, who received CCA backing two years ago, took a middle-of-the-road position and not only lost CCA endorsement, but also ran only ninth.

Earlier in the City Council election all incumbents who ran were re-elected. The only newcomer is CCA candidate Mrs. Cornelia B. Wheeler, who won fifth position. The CCA definitely lacks a majority on the Council, since they have only 4 out of 9 posts.

Other CCA candidates re-elected were Edward A. Crane '35, Pearl K. Wise, and Joseph A. DeGuglielmo '29. Independents who won are Mayor Edward J. Sullivan, John D. Lynch, Alfred Vellucci, Thomas M. McNamara, and Charles A. Watson. Sullivan again ran far ahead of the other councilors.

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