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Faubus Demands Negroes Leave Racially Integrated Central High; ICBM Called 'Decisive' for War


HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Nov. 17--Governor Orval Faubus said today the desegregation deadlock in Little Rock can be resolved only by the voluntary withdrawal of the nine Negro children from Central High School.

"I don't see much ground for negotiation," he said. "I can see no other alternative than a voluntary withdrawal of those children."

Faubus also said that former Atty. Gen. Herbert Brownell was "fired because of the bad advice or misinformation he gave the President about Little Rock."

He also believes hat the federal government will have to keep troops guarding Central High until the end of this school year because "opposition is stronger now than when they came in."

ICBM Called Decisive in Future War

MOSCOW, Nov. 17--A top Soviet artillery man said today Russia's intercontinental ballistic missiles will be the deciding factor in any future war.

Marshal of Artillery S. Barentsev wrote in Pravda that the successful production of ICBM's and atomic weapons had changed the whole character of modern warfare.

Long-range missiles, he said, gave the Soviet Union the ability to smash any aggressor anywhere under any condition. He also stated that the West is forcing the Soviet Union to increase its defense capacity by plotting provocations and a new world war.

Aiken Condemns Stevenson Appointment

WASHINGTON, Nov. 17--Senator George Aiken (R-Vt.) said today it is "absurd" to believe the Eisenhower administration can win real bipartisan cooperation in international affairs by inviting Adlai E. Stevenson to become an adviser.

Aiken, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said, "I don't know what President Eisenhower expects to gain by inviting Stevenson in." "If it is intended as a demonstration of unity, it isn't going to work," Aiken noted.

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